Villages of the World – Global Education Park – is an educational and recreational complex on the private territory.

  • Only people with valid tickets or invitations can find themselves on the territory of the Park.
  • The ticket prices are set according to the price lists of Villages of the World.
  • Visits stop half an hour before closing time.
  • The Park can be visited in groups or individually according to the opening time.
  • Group visits are allowed in the presence of a chaperon.
  • The movement along the Park is only on the indicated paths and bridges.
  • Reprimands and recommendations of the guide and staff are to be followed on the premises.
  • Chaperons are responsible for the harm caused by children and young people.
  • The staff is irresponsible for the things left on the premises.
  • Complains and offers are considered by the director of the Park on weekdays from 14.00 till 16.00.
  • People under 16 years old are allowed on the premises only in the presence of a chaperon who takes the full responsibility for them.
  • Visitors as well as individuals under their care entering the premises should accept the fact that on entering they agree to be photographed, filmed or recorded in any other way.
  • These records can be later used for promoting Villages of the World. There is no fee or compensation for that.
  • The visits can be cancelled due to weather conditions or the Park can be closed.
  • The organizer retains the right to make changes in the Rules.

On the premises it is strictly forbidden to:

  • have and drink alcoholic beverages
  • smoke
  • bring pets
  • have hazardous objects
  • litter
  • wprowadzania pojazdów jednośladowych.
  • bring vehicles

People suspected to be intoxicated are not allowed on the premises. Buying a ticket means the agreement to the rules above. People breaking the rules can be asked to leave the premises at any time.