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Bank Transfer:

Recipient name: Salezjański Wolontariat Misyjny

KRS Number: 0000076477

Recipient address: 30-323 Kraków, ul. Tyniecka 39
tel./fax: (0048) 12 269 23 33

Bank name: Bank PEKAO
Bank account number: 17 1240 4533 1111 0000 5423 3120
Subject/Reference: Wioski Świata

Group visits
We offer thematic workshops appropriate to the age of visitors and interactive tours around the villages.
Individual visits
We offer interactive tours around the villages and taking part in weekend family workshops.
School tours
We offer workshops and classes for primary and secondary schools as well as nursery schools
Company offers
Villages of the World is a wonderful place for company parties, picnics and feasts.
Special occasion parties
You can have a birthday party, a picnic or a photo session at Villages of the World.